How To Claim Your Credits

AAAAI accredits many activities in partnership with many institutions throughout the United States. If your activity has been certified for credit by the AAAAI or you have participated in an AAAAI activity, your certificates can be located by following the directions below.
Please note: Every activity (live, online, enduring) has an online component at the AAAAI Continuing Education Center. There could be up to six additional steps you need to complete in order to claim credit.

ABAI Credit Reporting: All physician credit earned through the AAAAI is reported to the ABAI directly from the AAAAI on a quarterly basis. If you completed an activity and do not find it reported within the AAAAI timeline, please contact the AAAAI at

Credit Claiming Deadlines: To ensure all credits are accurately reported, credit claiming deadlines have been implemented. Activities completed January 1st – June 30th will have until December 31st to claim credit. Activities completed July 1st – December 31st will have until June 30th to claim credit.
The AAAAI is advising physicians, non-physicians and nurses to claim their credit in a timely manner. Any credits claimed after the deadline will be subject to an administrative fee. 

ABAI: Recent Advances Module - Information to claim credit is sent directly from the ABAI and are located in your notification center in your ABAI portal. These instructions are sent to you after you have completed the exam and received a passing score. If you need a copy of the instructions, please email the ABAI or the AAAAI

All activities are available online at the Continue Education Center.

To access your AAAAI credits/certificates, please read the following instructions.

Completed Activities/Printing Certificate/Transcript:

Click on the red "Log In" or "Register" button, located in the top right corner of this page.

Login with your AAAAI username and password. If you do not have a login, please select the option for no account, type your email address and click "Continue." a link will be emailed to your account to create your login

After logging in:
Click on "My Account" in the top rigth corner

Click "My Activities" and your transcript will show

Click "download" next to the name of the activity in which you have earned credit

Need to Claim Credit/Complete an activity?
Look under "My Account" - "My Activities" - "Courses In Progress"
Any activity you are in the process of completing after August 2011 will be located in "My Account" -  "My Activities""Courses in progress".

  •     Find the activity you need to complete for credit
  •     Click on the title of the activity
  •     Click 'Take Course'
  •     Complete the boxes from left to right
  •     Complete the 'CME Info Begin Here'
  •     Complete the pre-test (if applicable)
  •     Attend/Complete the activity
  •     Complete the post-test(if applicable)
  •     Complete the evaluation
  •     Select your area of practice
  •     Print your certificate

2011 and 2012 Annual Meeting Certificates:
Credit claiming is now closed. If you claimed your credits, certificates are located in 'My Account' under 'My Activities'

2013 Annual Meeting Credits:
The deadline to claim 2013 credit was December 31, 2013. If you wish to claim your credit now there is a $100 late fee. Please contact the AAAAI at to request credit

2014 Annual Meeting Certificates: 
To claim your 2014 AAAAI Annual Meeting Certificate, please go to, login with your last and first name, complete the evaluation, select the sessions you attended by day (tabs in the middle of the page), and print your certificate. Deadline to claim credit: December 31, 2014.

JACI and JACI: In Practice CME Article Credits are issued through the JACI website only. You can access or register an account at Your JACI login maybe different then your AAAAI login.

JACI MOC: There are no certificates for completing MOC evaluations for JACI articles. Completed MOC will be reported to the ABAI on a quarterly basis by the AAAAI.